Who Knows What You Will Find?

On most weekends you will find more than 100 vendors at The Flea. It’s the sort of place where 50 to 100 day traders arrive weekend mornings at 6:30, with pickups and station wagons jammed with tools, exotic rocks, cookware, rugs, toys, classic LP’s, silver rodeo buckles, boots, beads and bangles, slightly chipped Waterford crystal, and the occasional priceless yard sale treasure only you will recognize.

At the Flea, you might run into fashion giant Tom Ford; Native American painter Tony Abeyta; the art director for Johnnie Depp’s The Lone Ranger, or the set designer for A&E’s new hit western series Longmire. And, if you have a keen eye for beauty, you might even find yourself right beside Susan Austin, the Madam of the Mustang Ranch, who makes special trips from Reno, bargain hunting for furnishings and finery.

“The Flea” is also the sort of place where, conversing with a vendor, you discover you’re chatting with author, decorator and style editor Mary Emmerling; 7th Avenue dress designer Ann Lawrence; Mountain Man-Historian Jeff Hengesbaugh; former art director for CBS Records and now national licensing designer, Hillary Vermont; saddle maker Clint Mortenson; Canyon Road Gallerista Marc Navarro, or world class “scouts” in the tradition of Larry McMurty’s “Cadillac Jack,” like Bill Hawn, Lloyd Nelson, Michael Eros, Lynn Canterbury or Claire and John Martinez.

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Who’s Selling @ the Market?

Here is a list of our vendors as of October 16, but remember… You never know who will be at the market until you get there. Part of the fun is in finding the unexpected!
See our list of market vendors