Vendor Rules for Fall/Winter 2016

Read Them ALL From A to Z and beyond!

a) Market Schedule:
The Flea at El Museo Holiday Market will take place in rooms B & C.

Fall Market: Room C – 2 day markets, Saturday & Sunday, October 19- Nov 24
Room B – Day Trading – $20 first come/first served spots

Holiday Market: Room B & C All spaces reserved – 2 day markets Dec 7 & 8
through Dec 28th with One 3-day Market–Thanksgiving – Nov 29, 30 & Dec 1,

Winter Market: Room C – 2 day markets Jan 4-5 through April 26-27
Room B – Day Trading – $20 first come/first served spots

b) Market Hours:
Routinely, the Flea WILL OPEN at 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday. The Friday after Thanksgiving – Black Friday, Nov 23 the market will be open from 9 am to 4 pm.

c) Market Fees:
1. A space rental schedule is attached. Rents have not been increased.
2. El Museo $12.50 storage fee per booth/per week for leaving our material in Rooms B & C during the Holiday Market and Room C throughout the market has not changed. This fee must be paid directly to El Museo by check, in advance, Monthly. We will pass out and collect the El Museo storage invoices. (This is a market-wide fee and applies to all dealers-all spaces. There will be no exceptions to this fee and all vendors including those on trade must pay it.)
3. There will be no theatre flats for vendors to use at the backs of their booths. Please develop your own booth backing if you are against a wall.
4. The Flea will be paying El Museo 20% of each month’s heating and electric bill based on our monthly occupancy. That amount will divided equally amongst vendor booths, billed once a month and paid to El Museo. The past year’s heating bill went up about 25% for the season, hence the increase in price. PLEASE do not make yourself warm at your customers’ expense. Dress appropriately.
c) Load in/Load out will be from the Camino de la Familia side of the building. We are not permitted to drive to, or unload from the track side apron on any day or at any time and we are not permitted to use any space across the tracks adjacent to the Farmer’s Market at any time, for any reason.

Load in for the Room C Fall Market will be from 10 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, October 14-17.

Load in for Room B Holiday Market will be Wednesday, Nov 27 from 10 am to 5 pm. There will be NO load in on Thanksgiving Day, November 28.

Regular Load-In Hours are Fridays from 1-5 and the loading bay door will be open at 6:30 AM on Saturdays and 7:30 AM on Sundays. You MUST be unloaded and have your booth open by 8:00 am Saturday and 9:00 am on Sunday. The Loading Bay Door will close promptly at 8:00 am on Saturday and 9:00 am on Sunday. Again this year – because we will be sharing the extra heating cost with El Museo – there will be no exceptions and you MAY NOT load into the market after it has opened at 8 AM.

The Market will close at 3 pm on Saturday and 4 pm on Sunday. You MUST remain open until closing – there will be no exceptions. The loading bay door will not be opened for load-out prior to closing time. A $25 fine will be levied each time you open after 8 am and close before 3 pm – NO EXCEPTIONS. We ignored this rule last year – we will not this year.

d) Parking:
All vendors are required to purchase a numbered, city issued, parking pass, for $2 a weekend, or monthly based on the number of market days a month. This pass permits you to park free in spaces near the loading area for a reasonable time while loading in or out. This pass also provides you free parking in the City Parking Garage on market days. If you need two parking passes – you may purchase a second for an additional $2 a weekend. The only exceptions are those with handicapped parking credentials and those who do not drive to El Museo.

Vendors may not park in metered spaces around El Museo. These spaces are for customers.

You will be fined $25 for each infraction of this rule the first two times your vehicle is identified in one of those spaces during the market. The third infraction, you will be invited to leave the market permanently. This includes the spaces adjacent to the building west to Paseo de Peralta. IF you are unable to walk from the parking garage to El Museo but do not handicapped parking credentials – we will provide transportation after you have unloaded.

If you have handicapped parking credentials DO NOT use the three handicapped meters created for market days adjacent to the main door to room C – they are for customers. Please use the handicapped spaces near the El Museo main door. If you have a vehicle that will not fit in the parking garage, we will work something out.

e) Tables:
You are encouraged to provide your own tables. If available, tables may be rented for $5 a weekend per 8’ table and $4 a week per 6’ table. We do not own many tables and they are available only on a first-come first serve basis. Please email or Norma at .

f) Walls:
Walls are no longer available.

g) Repair Fee for Use of Walls for Construction or Hangings:
If the walls on the north and northwest ends of the room are used for hanging or booth construction, there will be a $50 repair fee charged at the beginning of the season to cover the repair and repainting of those walls when the season ends.

h) Aisles:
No material or product will be permitted in the aisles. This includes rugs as they frequently represent a “tripping” hazard. You pay for your space – and no more than your space and creeping into additional space for which you are not paying is totally unfair to your fellow dealers. Also, this year, the Fire Marshall has advised that the aisles must be kept completely clear at ALL times.

i) Pets:
The City and the Railyard Corporation have determined that we may no longer have our personal pets, or welcome customers’ pets into the market except for Assistance Dogs. As unhappy as I am with this situation, I think we all would like to preserve this venue for the market, so have agreed to the stipulation.

j) State and City Required Documents:
You MUST have a New Mexico CRS Number and a City of Santa Fe Itinerant Vendor License to participate in the market. If you participated in the Market in the Winter of 2013, you already have the license for October – December, but will have to complete a new application for 2014. You can obtain a CRS number on line, or the City will issue one when they issue the City License, if they have a completed application.

Walt must obtain your city license for you, as the City office does not deal directly with vendors. If you don’t have a CRS number, the City can issue at the same time as the License. Fee for the license is $10 – annually (Jan-Dec). Once again, those who hold a 2013 City License from The Flea or other event will have to apply for a new copy of that license….but not pay. Application for the 2014 license (at a cost of $10) will be processed following the December 29/30 market.

k) Space Rental Terms:
Spaces in Room C are rented for Saturday/Sunday ONLY – no one day rentals. If you wish to vend one day only, you must pay for two. If you can find a “partner” who wishes to vend the opposite day – we are happy to accommodate the extra move-in/move out. There are no rain-checks for weather. In the case of sudden illness or emergency, we are happy to work with you, and given the size of our waiting list, it is likely we can temporarily rent your space.

l) Rental Payment Terms:
Rent for reserved spaces must be paid in advance (cash or good check). When we collect on Sunday, it is for the following weekend. Please do not ask us to hold checks.

m) Gross Receipts Tax on Booth Rent:
New Mexico Tax & Rev has determined that booth rent in markets and shows is subject to Gross Receipts Tax, accordingly, it is being added to your bill. It must be paid. It is not a matter for discussion. Pay the amount shown on your invoice. If you do not, you will be invited to leave the market.

n) Late Arrivals – Closed Booths:
The Flea hours are published and our customers expect us to be open – and for our vendors to be in their booths. The vendors around you are dependent upon you to keep your row vital and they expect you to be there. Accordingly, you are required to be in and open at 8 on Saturday and 9 on Sunday; and you are required to remain open and in your booth until closing both days. We understand blizzards, car trouble etc…..but vendors habitually arriving late will be asked to leave the market.

o) Planned Absences:
If you have plans to be away and wish to arrange with someone to cover your space in your absence please notify us, and tell us how payment will be handled in your absence. If you have plans to be away and would like to retain your space for your return, give us the longest notice possible – but no less than two weeks – and we will arrange a temporary vendor. If you are away you are required to permit a temporary vendor to use your set up – or you must take it down. PLEASE NOTE: Being absent and paying for your space while you are doesn’t solve our problem….the vendors around you do not want empty or unmanned booths in their rows…..this is NOT about revenue, it’s about keeping the market vital.

p) STORAGE at El Museo While Absent:
We can store your standard sized tables (mark them), wall racks for jewelry, rolling and folding clothing racks, simple mirrors, and small pedestals at El Museo (we show you where – you put away.) We CANNOT store free standing or portable cases, counters, trunks, boxes or merchandise of any kind.

q) Security:
El Museo has a new “motion sensitive” alarm system so live overnight security is no longer possible.

r) Crew Support:
This is a flea market – not a show – we do NOT provide porters so plan to schlep it yourself and if you can’t….don’t bring it without making special arrangements. If the crew can and does lend a hand – tip them. But during the market – they are on the Market’s clock and work for Walt.

s) Prohibited Items for Sale:
No fire arms (other than antiques manufactured prior to 1898), fireworks, explosives, alcohol or drugs or live animals may be brought onto the premises or sold.

t) Load in Help:
If you have help for load-in/load-out, you are responsible for them, ask us for a badge. We will not permit “walk-in” help this year.

u) Trash:
At the end of each market tidy up after yourself as best you can – and use the trash bins.

v) Waiver:
The Flea does not require you to have business or liability insurance, but we strongly recommend that you do – and we remind that you must sign our contract/waiver which says we are NOT liable for your material or your person and says that you agree to abide by these rules.

You may not leave any foodstuffs, candy, bread, etc. overnight or during the week – the rats and mice are an issue in the building. The fine for leaving foodstuffs overnight or over the weekend is $100 payable to El Museo.

x) Booth lighting and electric-draw limits:
Incandescent bulbs are no longer allowed in either room B or C – you must use low wattage LED or compact florescent bulbs and no 10×10 booth may draw more than 200 watts. Heaters, refrigerators, steamers, and irons are prohibited.

y) Booth Sharing/Booth Sublet:
Only with approval.

z) Room B – Day Trader Reservations:
If you are coming from a distance (30 miles or more) you may call or email Norma ( or 505 2809261 and reserve a space and guarantee with a credit card – but NOT a specific space. We only guarantee that we hold open the # of spaces reserved by phone. If you do not show – your card will be charged the space rent for the day plus 4%

aa) Market Entry Fee:
While we have not increased booth rates for the 2013-2014 season, we have converted the $200 per booth deposit to a non-refundable entry fee. This fee helps offset a significant increase in insurance expense, added cleaning fees, and the defray the cost of re-branding the market, done to protect our ability to be in the rail yard. There is a specific prohibition against “flea markets” in the Rail Yard land lease from the City. To remain in the rail yard, it has been required that we change the market name, and the market entry fee will defray about 50% of the cost of new signs, ads, website changes etc.

In General: No rule was ever made that can’t be waived and we are, as most of you know, extremely flexible when emergencies come up. So let us know – as soon as possible – and we’ll work stuff out.

Be nice to the crew, management, customers and each other. It makes it a lot easier to have fun if I’m not refereeing contests of temperament.

And finally, remember, your old pal Trader Walt is actually in charge, and has the right to invite any vendor or customer the leave the market, as he sees fit.