Day Traders

Day trading lets you sell at the market any time you want without a long term commitment. Table spaces are available in Room B on a first come, first served basis, starting at 6:30am on Saturday and 8:30am on Sunday. All table spaces are approximately 5′x8′ and include one 6′ table.

One Day Pricing
plus $1 for parking

We welcome all kinds of stuff at the market–craft, art, antiques, yard sale stuff, books, shabby chic couture, whatever you sell, we’ve got buyers for it.

Weekend Pricing
plus $1 for parking

This year, to stay in the same space from Saturday to Sunday – your Sunday table fee will be $25. If you don’t want to pay the extra $5, load out Saturday night and come back and take a new space Sunday morning.

Frequently asked questions

Core Market

The core market is in Room C where our long-term vendors sign up for the season. Pricing depends on your payment plan and the type of booth.


Pay by Season
per weekend

Pay in advance for the full season to get the best discount! Prices depend on the type of booth (interior, corner no wall, interior with wall, corner with wall).

Pay Monthly
per weekend

If you pay in advance for only a month at a time, this is the rate. Again, prices depend on the type of booth.