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A great vintage romp!

The FLEA @ THE DOWNS is temptation personified – row after row of delightful vintage stuff. If you’ve never been, it’s just 15 minutes from Santa Fe and a perfect place to spend a few hours with out-of-town guests. There’s music, food and great finds.

–Chasing Santa Fe (6/2/2013)


The Flea at the Downs is a great Santa Fe weekend jaunt.

It’s a short ride from town, filled with eclectic vendors and there’s always something you don’t need, but have to have. And Dick and Veronika Coffin’s – Southwest Antiques Gallery – caught my full attention.

–Chasing Santa Fe (8/7/2011)


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The winter Flea at the Railyard: Treasures, surprises and fun

During the winter the Santa Fe Flea (market) relocates from The Downs to El Museo right across from the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market. The Flea is your go-to place for vintage clothing, antiques, Native American jewelry, patio furniture, furs, collectibles, and even lunch!

– (1/29/2012)


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“The Real Deal.”
If you’re looking for the 3-D, full-color, real deal soul of Santa Fe, the Cowboys & Indians, Rt. 66, Wild West, Santa Fe Trail, Fred Harvey Santa Fe, then this is where you want to go…

Trader Walt’s Santa Fe Traditional Flea Market (at the Downs from May-Sept and inside at the Railyard from Nov-Mar) is the best of the West…from handmade silver and turquoise jewelry(ck out Julienne Barth’s incredible work) to antique tools to furniture, leather clothing (Pam Dietrich…wow) Native American antiques, seasoned cowboy boots and great ethnic stuff from all over the world.

–TripAdvisor (6/18/2013)

“Like the best museum gift shop you were ever in–but the whole wide world is the show”

I can honestly say that I came upon (many) artifacts that I had never encountered before, anywhere! Of course I’ve not traveled to Mali, Pakistan, Morocco. Objects that make one giddy not only because they’re beautifully formed and pleasing to the eye but because they’re evidence of an infinite and endless creativity and almost human lust for beauty–to create it, to live it, to celebrate it. Some of the more gorgeous items–elaborate costumes, magnificent jewelry, finely wrought decorative wares–are to be found at Coyote’s Paw Gallery where the curators will gladly share their erudition with the curious. For me that was the highlight, the intellectual piece– learning a bit about the traditions, rituals and values of the societies that foster these extravagant adornments.

–TripAdvisor (6/16/2013)


My escape every weekend. Always something new. The artists and vendors are welcoming and fair. Never had an issue with security. This is a must to add to the list. Save some goodies for me.

–TripAdvisor (7/6/2012)


Great flea market & art show

More than just a flea market, this one has a great mix of traditional flea vendors as well as an antique tent and artists tent. We found some great used cowboy shirts at a bargain AND some beautiful sandstone art by a local artist. Worth visiting!

–TripAdvisor (07/17/2011)