Water damage always happens at the most unexpected time and causes extreme amounts of damage to your Columbus, Oh home. Having the right water damage restoration professional at your side in this time of need will reduce the stress of this unfortunate disaster. The team at Ohio Water Tech provides Columbus Ohio with water damage restoration services. They have spent a lot time over the last 10 years perfecting their skills and providing water extraction service. Unfortunately some insurance companies don’t always look out for their homeowners they look to cut costs to keep their budgets in line. When it comes to repairing your home after water damage occurs you must have a trusted company working for you. Insurance companies always try to force you to go with their preferred vendor and in some cases this can be detrimental to the repairs of your home. To become a vendor for the insurance company you must follow their rules and regulations that’s why we don’t belong to any vendor programs. We look out for the best of our customers and our Columbus Ohio residents. Just remember Ohiowatertech is the water damage Columbus professionals and they are on your side. Here is a list of the first five things you should do when faced with water intrusion

  1. If possible turn off the water flow to the source of the leak.
  2. Try your best to remove any valuable property from the wet area and to a more dry location.
  3. Call Ohio water tech to inform them of the current condition of your home.
  4. Call you insurance company and get your water damage claim started.
  5. If repairs are needed to your home call a few contractors and get the biding process started we recommend three estimates for the repairs.    

We highly recommend you visit ohiowatertech.com if you have a water loss in your Columbus Ohio home they are open 24/7 for all of your home’s needs.