To our vendors and loyal visitors

Because El Museo chose to operate a winter market themselves at the last minute, coupled with high costs and reduced revenue at the Downs last summer, we’ve spent the last few months looking for alternate locations – either indoor or outdoor, or a combination of the two, for this summer.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find anything suitable for the scale of market that you all expect and want. Accordingly, we won’t be mounting an outdoor market this summer.

A number of our vendors are already making the move to the Tesuque market, and more will likely do so now. It appears Tesuque may be doing day trading.

Over the coming months we will be carefully exploring how it might be possible to create a market that combines some physical space with a real-time presence on the internet to broaden our vendors’ reach. We will keep you posted.

Vendors, please let us know where you will be vending this summer, so as visitors contact us, we can let them know where you will be.

Trader Walt






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